Faster User Posting: Hierarchical Category Prediction

How Machine Learning can improve customer satisfaction and lower the time needed to post an item? Learn more about image and text based category prediction services.

Velebit AI joins CroAI Association

We are proud to announce that Velebit AI has, among the first, joined a recently established CroAI association. At Velebit AI, we believe artificial intelligence is becoming the driving force of the world's economy.

Tech Blog: JSON logging in Python

Both uWSGI and especially nginx logs are indeed more important than application logs for figuring out how the microservice-oriented infrastructure breathes in general. However, when problems occur, collecting informative application logs is a must. In this part of the JSON logging series, we discuss our solution to JSON logging in Python.

Velebit AI Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

We are excited to announce that Velebit AI has joined the NVIDIA Inception Program as a community member. The program is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Tech Blog: JSON logging in uWSGI

Velebit AI was recently preparing a new production environment from scratch, and one of the major tasks we had to solve was logging. Our team already had experience with ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) to parse, store, and analyze logs. Starting without legacy gave us the opportunity to choose a new stack.

Our first application Babbly goes into private beta

We are proud to announce that our first application Babbly has entered private beta testing today. Babbly is a mobile application that teaches users a new language in a completely different way - using only your camera. We could describe in detail how the app works, but it is best...

Velebit AI featured in Besedo 2020 Marketplaces predictions

AI-powered Visual Search & Browsing, Visual Recommending, and Automatic Image Tagging simplify and speed up the ad search for users, as well as enrich the content and make standard search tools more effective.

Using OCR to read prices from store price tags

Many think OCR solutions are already perfect and can be easily utilized for any kind of text recognition task. In this blog we show otherwise.

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