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Recommender Systems

Besides traditional recommender systems that use collaborative filtering to recommend items that users frequently bought together, Velebit AI offers item-to-item recommenders that use images and text processed with deep learning to recommend most similar items (based on visual similarity, text, or combination of both).

Visual Recommender Example

Visual Recommender

Visual Recommender is a recommender system heavily based on image search. It uses the visual similarity of items as one of many criteria for recommendations. This makes browsing through large product catalogs more intuitive and engaging.

Recommender systems icon

Image + text combined

Velebit AI builds hybrid models, combining text and images to generate an item representation. This way we can use the same representation for different categories: services category will use more of text representation, whereas fashion might use more image represetation.

Integration with databases

Integration of Machine Learning with your databases

Velebit AI offers custom AI-facilitating plugins for ElasticSearch, Solr, Postgres and MySQL. This way you can seamlessly integrate our text or vision-based services to your existing searches in your DB. No need to migrate your data, or use a new system. Our plugins will deliver fast and efficient queries on the predictions of our AI systems.

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