Velebit AI announces a partnership with Best Advisory

Velebit AI announces a partnership with Best Advisory

Velebit AI announces a partnership with Best Advisory, a Zagreb-based managerial consulting outlet focused on digital transformation consulting, strategic agility, and planning.

Our partnership aims to offer tailor-made solutions for companies starting the change process toward new data-centric organizations. We offer everything needed, from education and support to the implementation of AI in your company processes. No matter if you are only thinking about using AI services available online or if you want to implement your own AI solution within the organization, we can help you choose the best path suited to your needs and strategic goals.

In this partnership, Velebit AI provides consultancy, education, and hands-on experience in delivering solutions. We cover areas such as:

  • Assessment of current methods of data collection and processing
  • Analysis of the company’s data potential
  • Assessment of the impact of potential predictive models on decision-making processes
  • Evaluation of the impact of AI on the business area or industry
  • Support in creating a data strategy and setting up a data-based innovation strategy
  • Consulting on the possibilities of introducing machine learning technologies
  • Ideas for possible improvements in the application of AI technology in the company’s business processes.
  • Suggestions for possible ways of implementing AI technology (using existing services versus implementing customized local AI solutions)
  • Recommendations regarding the use of models for forecasting business parameters (inventory, consumption, demand, …)
  • Workshops on the use of data in decision-making processes and developing new products and services
  • Education in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, data science, and their applications in products and business processes

Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage the ongoing AI revolution and make your business future-proof.

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