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Key Features

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    automatically detects colors

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    fast response time

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    identifies up to 3 dominant colors

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    integrated background removal

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    scales to any size image collection

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    easy integration with JSON REST API

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How Does Color Detection API Work?

Color detection on image

Color Detection API accurately identifies colors in images, mirroring human perception, even in challenging lighting and cluttered backgrounds.

It’s ideal for user-generated photos and catalog images, ensuring fast, reliable results in under 100ms. Seamlessly integrate Color API into your apps and websites for real-time color tagging.

Improve Customer Experience with
Accurate Color Tagging

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Optimize product listings at Online Marketplaces

Automatic color tagging streamlines the process of listing items, providing users with a more seamless experience and encouraging them to upload & list even more products.

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Accurately detect colors in user-generated images

Our Color detection API recognizes colors within images, just as effectively as the human eye, even in challenging lighting conditions and chaotic backgrounds.

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Simplify product catalog management

When you add new products, our Color Detection API automatically analyzes and tags color attributes, eliminating the need for manual tagging and labeling.

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Elevate your on-site search performance

Efficient color tagging simplifies product filtering, ensuring customers can quickly find the items they're searching for, which in turn enhances customer and shopping experience.

Color customization

Need a specific set of colors for your business? No problem. We can customize the colors to match your requirements.

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Who can benefit from our
Color detection API?

Online Marketplaces

Enhance customer experience by automatically tagging colors in user-generated product images.

Digital content management

Assign a specific color to different types of content to quickly identify and locate digital assets.

Design inspiration websites

Create color filters to refine search results based on color preferences.

E-commerce businesses

Accurately tag the colors in product images, improving the searchability and discoverability of products.

Image repositories

Easily search for and find specific images in large collections that match the desired color scheme.

Fabric manufacturers

Streamline your fabric inventory by sorting materials based on their color

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Easy Integration, fast results

With a single API call, you can upload an image and instantly receive a list of colors. Language-agnostic and versatile, it suits both batch processing and real-time applications.


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