Allow users to find exactly what they are
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Upgrade your product discovery process with image-based search and
leave the limitations of text-based searches behind

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Key Features

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    Customizable filters to refine search results

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    Designed to handle large datasets

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    Image recognition capabilities

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    Integration with existing systems

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    Camera search and Image upload search

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    Real-time image analysis

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How Visual Search Works?

Visual Search

Visual Search enables your users to discover relevant and visually similar items using images.

Users can snap a photo or upload an image, and our ML algorithms quickly identify and recommend products in real-time. This eliminates slow and inaccurate text searches and simplifies the way users find products and navigate your platform.

Simplify Shopping
with Image-based Product Search

Improve the search of items that are hard to describe

It can be difficult to find the right words to describe a product, which can lead to inaccurate results. Through image search engine, users are able to quickly and easily discover products

Suggest similar
relevant products

Our powerful visual search tool will boost your catalog discovery by recommending similar products, increasing the chances for users to find products they'll love

Shorten the journey from search to conversion

Reduce the steps between a customer searching for an item and making a purchase. With visual search, you are able to sell instantly to customers who are ready to buy

Increase customer retention
and loyalty

One way to ensure customer loyalty is to simplify the buying process, such as with image search. This in turn enhances their shopping experience and encourages repeat visits

Integrate a more intuitive search experience

Together with our AI product recommender, take your product discovery process to the next level.

Learn more about our Recommender Systems

Who can benefit from
AI Visual Search?

Online Marketplaces

Boost product listing clicks on your platform which showcases similar items based on visual search

Fashion webshops

Use visual search to engage your users, such as with "Recommend Similar Items" option

Real estate management

Enable property search by allowing users to upload the photo of their dream home

E-commerce businesses

Level up your online shop with a new way of searching for products and facilitate product discovery

Stock photography sites

Drive conversions by making it easy for your users to find the relevant images they're looking for

Image database sites

Any business in need of simplified image based search capabilities

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Simple integration

Existing database

  • With custom plugins for Elasticsearch, Solr, Postgres and MySQL
  • No need to migrate your data or use a new system

Cloud API

  • We provide you with an API you can use to search through your active items

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