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How Fabric Pattern Detection API works?

Set of patterns available through Fabric Pattern Detection API

Our Fabric Pattern Recognition API uses a machine-learning model trained on carefully hand-labeled photos of clothing items, including both catalog images and user-generated photos.

The API can accurately recognize up to 10 patterns, which are both widely representative of available clothing items and detectable with high precision.

Elevate platform search with fabric pattern filtering

Optimize e-commerce inventory management

By automatically recognizing fabric patterns in product images, our API simplifies the process of updating and maintaining your product catalog.

Help customers find clothes based on fabric patterns

Fabric Pattern Detection API enables filtering clothes by garment patterns, allowing shoppers to refine their search results and discover products that match their style preferences.

Get ahead of trends in the Fashion industry

Showing your customers the products they are searching for as quickly as possible is now more important than ever to stay ahead of the competition.

Increase sales and conversion rates

With improved search accuracy, customers can easily find what they want, making them more likely to make a purchase.

Pattern customization

Looking to refine pattern categories for your business? We can customize the model to suit your exact specifications.

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Who can benefit from our
Fabric Pattern Detection API?

E-commerce businesses

Improve product search process, allowing customers to find items based on specific fabric patterns quickly and accurately.

Online marketplaces

Provide a superior marketplace experience by enabling filtering items by clothing patterns, increasing customer satisfaction and conversions.

Fashion retail

Automate the tagging of products with one of the 10 available patterns, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your catalog.

Textile manufacturers

Automatically sort the fabrics based on patterns to improve inventory management and product discovery, making it easier for buyers to find the desired patterns.

Content aggregators

Allow users to easily find inspiration and products with specific patterns, improving their overall experience on the platform.

Online styling services

Enhance virtual styling tools by allowing users to search for and select outfits based on trendy patterns, improving user engagement and satisfaction.

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Simple integration with any e-commerce system

It can be used as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployed in the cloud or deployed on-premise to satisfy security requirements and privacy policy. The API is implemented as a REST JSON API, enabling easy integration with any backend or e-commerce system.

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