Detect and eliminate duplicate
photos and listings

Keep track of your images and listings using our duplicate photo finder
that identifies both exact and near duplicates

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Key Features

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    Detects near identical duplicates

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    Detects the same property images from various sources

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    Detects identical duplicates

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    Detects images with different watermarks

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    Automatically detects duplicate photos and ads

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    Easy API integration

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How Duplicate Detection Tool Works?

Duplicate Detection

Our Duplicate Detection API employs visual similarity analysis to assess how similar two images are.

This API empowers companies to systematically manage and refresh their datasets, identifying various duplicates, such as identical items and listings, near identical duplicates (cropped, resized images), watermarked images, semantically similar text and diverse shots of the same property.

Effortlessly Detect Duplicate Images
with AI

Enhance your e-commerce or marketplace platform accuracy

Eliminate duplicate images and listings to maintain accurate, reliable and up-to-date information, which in turn maintains customer loyalty and company reputation

Optimize SEO by eliminating duplicate content

Duplicate content on a website can harm its search engine rankings. Removing duplicates can improve the website's structure and content, making it easier to attract organic traffic

Reduce maintenance costs with efficient databasee

Our duplicate detector tool helps to reduce storage and maintenance costs associated with duplicate listings, optimizing database efficiency for maximum cost savings

Prevent risks of fraud
and scams

By proactively identifying and removing duplicate listings, our solution reduces the risk of fraudulent activities on your platform, protecting your users from potential scams

Optimize your listings with precision

Our Duplicate Detection tool can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. Contact us for more details.

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Who can benefit from
duplicate image detector?

Online Marketplaces

Improve user experience by enabling easy search for identical properties from various dealers

Real estate management

Detect fraud and manage listings efficiently by identifying fake listings and eliminating duplicates

AI researchers

Streamline data processing, ensuring a clean and reliable dataset for analysis

E-commerce businesses

Enhance inventory management by identifying near-duplicate images for products sold by multiple vendors

Content management

Avoid redundancy by preventing multiple uploads of the same image by different users

Media and entertainment

Prevent copyright violations by identifying near-duplicate images

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Easy API integration

  1. Send data to our API (images and/or text)
  2. Send a query item
  3. The API will return a list of duplicates if any are found

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