Tech Blog: Implementation of the custom bounding box task for the MMDetection framework

We may want to develop a model that solves the detection task, and simultaneously predicts some additional attributes that can be related to the whole image or to the detected instances. This blog post demonstrates how to implement that in the MMDetection framework.

Color Detection API for Improving Product Discovery

Filtering by color is a feature we often use on fashion marketplaces, e-commerce sites, and any other sites where we buy clothes. Color is also important when buying furniture, and antiques, or searching for stock images.

How AI Can Improve UX Design on Mobile Apps

To deliver a smooth user experience, it's essential to stay current with technology in the realm of UX design. In this blog post, we'll look at how AI is becoming increasingly indispensable in web app development to give users a more tailored experience.

Technology and Principles Behind ChatGPT: Invited Talk at FIDIT Rijeka

Velebit AI’s Lead Data Scientist, Mladen Fernežir, held a lecture at the Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies in Rijeka about how ChatGPT works, and also what technological excitements lie ahead in front of us.

Velebit AI announces a partnership with Best Advisory

Velebit AI announces a partnership with Best Advisory, a Zagreb-based managerial consulting outlet focused on digital transformation consulting, strategic agility, and planning.

What Do You Have to Know About Visual Search?

Visual search is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered technology that allows users to sift through millions of items to find the best visually matching items.

Which background removal tools to use and why?

When processing images, one of the tasks we often encounter is background removal. Background removal is a general and popular technique that can be used for many purposes: background swapping, adding special effects, creating product catalogs, or preparing images for your website.

Can ChatGPT Pass the Blade Runner’s Voight-Kampff Test?

OpenAI is teaching its AI systems to align with human intent and values. Which and whose values, exactly? Can ChatGPT pass the famous science fiction empathy test? Let’s ask the questions!

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