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Velebit AI Consulting Services

With more than 10 years of AI expertise we guide businesses through various stages of AI project implementation

AI consulting

Got a project idea? We help you on your AI adoption journey, uncovering its value, aligning it with your strategies and guiding your company toward becoming an innovative AI-driven business.

Data Science consulting

Our vast experience helps businesses like yours discover valuable insights in their data, offering actionable recommendations to optimize internal processes and improve decision-making.

Machine Learning consulting

Gain a clear understanding of ML possibilities with practical suggestions for your business needs. We accelerate your ML project by providing knowledge and tools for seamless implementation.

Production AI consulting

Build, enhance or optimize your AI systems. Whether starting from scratch or improving existing ones, we guide you in building a production AI system and suggesting the best MLOps practices.

Internal Company Workshops

Elevate your business with AI adaptability. Our experts can empower you with the insights and knowledge on AI, preparing your team to confidently navigate the AI journey.

Hiring & Building AI/ML Team

We know building an AI department requires time and domain expertise. We help you bridge the gap, easing the hiring process and ensuring top-tier talent for your business.

AI Domain Expertise

Our cross-functional teams help you in understanding
the use cases across diverse AI domains

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Computer Vision

Elevate customer experience with visual search, simplify data extraction with OCR and automate manual tasks with object detection.

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Natural Language Processing

Effortlessly categorize content with text classification, quickly understand customer sentiment and improve on-site search accuracy for a better product discovery.

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AI Recommender systems

Enhance user engagement with content suggestions based on images and text or provide personalized recommendations tailored to user preferences.

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Large-language models

Customize models for your business; fine-tune to custom domains, leverage ChatGPT, create effective prompts and deploy a company knowledge base

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Generative AI

Accelerate content creation, generate text and fine-tune stable diffusion models to build apps with user friendly features capable of performing numerous tasks.

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Structured data

Transform data into actionable insights with Structured Data; forecast trends, detect anomalies and classify data for informed decision-making

Our approach

We're dedicated to providing top-notch support throughout
your entire big data journey

  • Define the consultancy topics

    Together, we pinpoint the specific areas where your business needs consulting. This step ensures our consultation is tailored precisely to meet your specific requirements

  • Discovery sprint or workshop

    In this initial phase, we collaborate with you to assess data, establish goals, plan actionable steps to enhance data through either existing services or custom development

  • Additional consultancy sessions

    Our ongoing sessions focus on ensuring the long-term sustainability and relevance of your AI initiatives, making them fully agile and adaptable to your evolving strategies

  • Project implementation

    Our consultancy can seamlessly transition to active project collaboration, implementing AI solutions aligned with your business strategy and goals

AI support for your industry

We have a proven track record of helping businesses with our AI expertise across industries

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Online Marketplaces

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Content Management

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E-Commerce businesses

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Facility management

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Security management

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Private banking

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Automotive industry

Why work with us

Maximize your business potential with our customized
Data Engineering and Machine Learning solutions

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Experienced team

With 10+ years of expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Engineering

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End-to-end solutions

We execute AI from concept to model development and deployment

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Flexible and adaptable collaboration tailored to your project needs and goals

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Research-driven approach

Committed to staying current with the latest research advancements

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Diverse AI & ML expertise

Advanced AI expertise to assist you in gaining a competitive edge

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Continuous support

We provide long-term support as committed partners even after project completion

Case Studies

Stay ahead on your AI innovation journey.

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