Efficiently categorize your items
with Product Categorization API

Accelerate time-to-market and enhance user experience
with simplified catalog management

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Key Features

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    customizable to your business categories

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    based on images and text

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    automatically assigns categories of products

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    suggests up to 3 categories

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How Product Categorization API Works?

Product Categorization

Our Product Categorization API simplifies the product posting process, whether it is a customer adding a new product on a marketplace or an administrator managing e-commerce inventory.

Automated product tagging identifies and suggests the most fitting category for each item, optimizing the entire product taxonomy.

Easily Manage and Categorize
Your Products with AI

Speed up product
time to market

Save time by eliminating manual tagging errors and accelerate the introduction of new products to your e-commerce platform or marketplace

Customize categories to your product taxonomy

Unlike relying on a one-size-fits-all solutions, benefit from our API with a machine learning model fine-tuned to your specific platform categories

Ensure intuitive site navigation and search

Maximize sales by accurately structuring product categories, optimizing search and filters, encouraging customers to discover and purchase more products

Improve workflow and
catalog efficiency

Process thousands of product images in a matter of seconds with precise AI categorization, reducing the time and cost involved in managing your catalog

Automate your product categorization & tagging

Integrate our Product Categorization API with Color Detection API to effortlessly assign color attributes and elevate search capabilities on your platform.

Learn more about Color Detection API

Who can benefit from
automated product categorization?

Online Marketplaces

Optimize listings, enhance user experience and increase engagement with precise product tagging

Content management

Improve content organization with AI categorization to boost item search and discoverability

Real estate management

Streamline real estate catalog management and buyer-seller matchmaking

E-commerce businesses

Accelerate product upload efficiency, improving site navigation and providing a better shopping experience

Fashion retail

Boost sales with instant categorization, enhancing the shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts

Manufacturing Companies

Facilitate product categorization for efficient inventory tracking and management

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For developers

  • Provide us with a CSV export of your categories and items (text, images)
  • We fine-tune our model to fit your unique categories (1-2 weeks)
  • Receive a JSON REST API with a model that effortlessly handles text and/or images, returning precise category assignments.
  • Deployed and managed in our cloud, with on-premise deployment available on request.

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Optimize your catalog management with our product categorization API.

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