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We provide consulting services for fast and efficient development and integration of Machine Learning based solutions.

Computer Vision

Extract valuable information from photos and videos

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Text analysis, classification, tagging, understanding

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Increase user engagement with relevant suggestions

Business Process Analysis

Analyze and predict sales trends, improve planning efficiency

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Image Search

Image Search (or Visual Search) is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered technology that enables users to sift through millions of items in order for them to find the best visually matching items. After the user gives the query image, the search process takes a few fractions of a second and delivers only the visually and semantically relevant results.

Research from Accenture has shown that for 84% of retailers, image commerce or image search is important or very important to their future success. In addition to that, 56% of consumers are interested in the technology and 63% would even consider shifting at least half their purchases to retailers offering it.

Image Search Example
Visual Recommender Example

Visual Recommender

Visual Recommender is a recommender system heavily based on image search. It uses the visual similarity of items as one of many criteria for recommendations. This makes browsing through large product catalogs more intuitive and engaging.

Models optimized for your data

When it comes to AI technologies, data means almost everything. By carefully analyzing your datasets, we make sure our AI models are fine-tuned for optimal quality and performance. On the left you can see the difference in top results between our specialized model, and the general model that Alibaba offers.

Velebit VS Alibaba

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Velebit AI was recently preparing a new production environment from scratch, and one of the major tasks we had to solve was logging. Our team already had experience with ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) to parse, store, and analyze logs. Starting without legacy gave us the opportunity to choose a new stack.
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