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Image Search Example

Visual Search

Visual Search (or Image Search) is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered technology that enables users to sift through millions of items in order for them to find the best visually matching items. After the user gives the query image, the search process takes a few fractions of a second and delivers only the visually and semantically relevant results.

Research from Accenture has shown that for 84% of retailers, image commerce or image search is important or very important to their future success. In addition to that, 56% of consumers are interested in the technology and 63% would even consider shifting at least half their purchases to retailers offering it.

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Visual Recommender Example

Similarity Recommender

Similarity Recommender is a recommender system heavily based on image search and text similarity. It uses the visual similarity of items as one of many criteria for recommendations. This makes browsing through large product catalogs more intuitive and engaging.

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Weather clouds

Predictive modelling of dynamic systems

Machine Learning and especially Deep Learning can improve and speed up the simulations of linear and non-linear dynamic systems. Their advantages over classical numerical methods are:

  • 5x-50x faster compute time
  • accurate at short timescales
  • reduced hardware requirements

Predicting the weather or simulating fluids are just some of the tasks where our models beat classical methods. Deep learning algorithms often used here are 3D convolutional neural networks and generative adversarial networks (GANs).

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Data Science and Machine Learning consultancies

Planning a new strategy for your company/department? Designing a new product or redesigning an existing one? Our experts can help you to extract more value from your product or service.

Creating and maintaining a dedicated machine learning or data science department incurs large time and expenditures costs, especially for companies that possess little knowledge in this field. In such environments, workshops with a team of experts can provide a lot of value and open some new horizons on how to best take advantage of innovative technologies.

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About Us

Velebit AI is a company that implements modern AI methods for established companies, software agencies, and start-ups in many industries.

Velebit AI can develop the software to integrate AI solutions into your key business processes. We excel in analyzing, automatically learning from your data, and helping reach better decisions, no matter if it's just a proof of concept of a full production solution.

Whether it's a brand new project or an old problem that requires a fresh approach, Velebit AI's team has many years of experience to help you gain a competitive advantage in today's fast-moving and ever-changing world.

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Velebit AI has developed our whole data engineering infrastructure and deployed the AI models needed on a large scale for our classified ads business. The team excels at timeline and budget management, and they offer great communication. Velebit AI's accuracy is impressive; they deliver what they promise.

Igor Sobota

CEO @ Njuškalo

Photomath worked with Velebit AI to support our computer vision domain and they provided us with a lot of value along the way. Professional, deep technical knowledge, innovative solutions, always available to answer any questions and ultimately delivered strong results on-time. It was a pleasure to work with their team.

Marko Velić

Director of Engineering @ Photomath

I was impressed by how enthusiastic Velebit AI was about data science. They read scientific papers because they were so eager to learn. I'd recommend them for any advanced task related to NLP, deep learning, and similar data science models and AI in general.

Ana Meštrović

Professor @ University of Rijeka

The workflow between our team and Velebit AI was seamless. The code quality, application performance and documentation were all excellent. There are many options on the market, but Velebit AI truly has immense experience and expertise in machine learning and AI.

Akshay Goel

Founder & CEO @

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