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Achieve business impact with our machine learning and data science expertise

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Computer Vision

Our tailored Computer Vision solutions efficiently process images, accurately recognize and classify objects, all while delivering valuable data and actionable insights to optimize your business operations.

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    Object detection, & tracking

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    Visual search

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    Image segmentation & classification

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    Optical character recognition (OCR)

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Natural Language Processing

Discover the potential of NLP in gaining deeper insights from text data. From sentiment analysis to content moderation, our NLP solutions enhance user understanding and automate tasks for efficiency and precision.

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    Text classification & clustering

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    Sentiment analysis

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    Content deduplication

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    Semantic search

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AI Recommender systems

Our advanced AI Recommender uses classification, recall and similarity search to provide faster, more precise recommendations, enhancing the relevance of products and services for your users.

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    Contextual (text, image)

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    Multimodal contextual

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    User based collaborative filtering

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    Custom hybrid

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Large-language models

Boost your apps with limitless capabilities of Large-language models. We fine-tune LLMs for custom domains, ensuring seamless deployment and delivering personalized content generation efficiency.

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    Fine tuning to custom domains

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    Prompt engineering

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    ChatGPT & GPT-4 fine tuning

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    Knowledge base search

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Generative AI

Enhance your business with unique, on-demand content creation, from images & graphics to text and videos. Use the power of Generative AI for limitless creativity and stay ahead in the digital landscape.

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    Generative model fine tuning

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    Optimizing Stable Diffusion model

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    Generative model deployment

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Structured data

Explore the possibilities of tabular data with our Structured Data solution. We convert tabular databases into valuable insights, addressing a range of business challenges.

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    Anomaly detection

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    Classification & clustering

Benefits of Custom AI Solutions

Identify new business opportunities, optimize existing processes
and stay ahead of industry trends

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    Become data-driven business

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    Stand out from competitors

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    Improve customer experience

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    Enhance work efficiency

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    Customize to specific needs

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    Own your AI strategy

AI Solutions Across Industries

From e-commerce to online marketplaces and healthcare, our
commitment to quality remains consistent across diverse sectors

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Online Marketplaces

Implement visual search and recommendation engines on your platform to enhance product search and discovery.

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E-Commerce Businesses

Develop AI for custom product recommendations and automate inventory management with product categorization.

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Apply AI for medical imaging and diagnostics analysis and use ML for pharmaceutical research and health monitoring.

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Automotive industry

Integrate AI predictive maintenance systems and improve customer experience with personalized vehicle recommendations.

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Banking industry

Strengthen fraud detection with machine learning algorithms and elevate customer experience by deploying virtual assistants.

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Facility management

Enhance operational efficiency and accuracy in data extraction with OCR and provide precise insights into property management.

We assist you at every step of your AI project

Creating a custom AI solution that meets your project's
requirements with business impact

  • Discovery Sprint

    Define business goals and define step by step plan

  • Research methods

    Explore the latest research advancements for potential methods and approaches

  • Data preparation

    Gather, clean, construct & integrate data

  • Modeling

    Choose modeling technique & determine model building iterations

  • Evaluation

    Assess model performance and fine-tune as necessary

  • Deployment

    Implement the AI solution into production environment

Why work with us

Maximize your business potential with our customized
Data Engineering and Machine Learning solutions

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Experienced team

With 10+ years of expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Engineering

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End-to-end solutions

We execute AI from concept to model development and deployment

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Flexible and adaptable collaboration tailored to your project needs and goals

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Research-driven approach

Committed to staying current with the latest research advancements

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Diverse AI & ML expertise

Advanced AI expertise to assist you in gaining a competitive edge

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Continuous support

We provide long-term support as committed partners even after project completion

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