Velebit AI joins CroAI Association

Velebit AI joins CroAI Association

We are proud to announce that Velebit AI has, among the first, joined a recently established CroAI association. At Velebit AI, we believe artificial intelligence is becoming the driving force of the world's economy.

Croatia is only a point on the global atlas, but as a small open economy, it has the opportunity to adopt trends quickly. Looking at the AI domain, there are already many AI-driven companies in Croatia whose technologies are making a significant impact not only on our economy but are also becoming relevant worldwide. So starting an association of this new industry comes as a logical step that will enable faster development of needed business, investment, and legal framework for this new field.

CroAI has a mission to ensure that Croatia gives a significant contribution to the shaping of the world into a better place through the use of AI. The main goals are promoting the importance of artificial intelligence and its influence on everyday life.

AI is a specific area. To get the most benefit for society, one must join forces of many different stakeholders in the most efficient way. On the one hand, an extraordinary pace of technology development can only be followed by very fast and adoptable small companies. Still, on the other, for small companies to be able to grow quickly and stay competitive, you need a supportive environment.

Such an environment must educate fast enough a large number of young talents either through a formal academic environment or through more informal ways of online or other lifelong learning methods. It must as well enable all the flexibility needed for the small companies to develop and thrive through regulatory and taxation frameworks. Additionally, as really specific for the AI area, it must define the clear rules of the game for accessing the GDPR-compliant datasets on the national and European level that will be available for everyone to try their innovative algorithms, develop them further and provide extraordinary new services for the users and public.

We hope CroAI will help to shape and improve future AI strategy in Croatia, just as the European Commission is doing on the European level: Shaping Europe’s digital future; Commission presents strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence.

Take a look at some of the articles from the CroAI introduction event:

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Velebit AI joins CroAI Association

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Velebit AI joins CroAI Association

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Velebit AI joins CroAI Association

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