Velebit AI Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Velebit AI Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

We are excited to announce that Velebit AI has joined the NVIDIA Inception Program as a community member. The program is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Velebit AI’s core technology makes ultra-precise short-term weather forecasts. This includes predicting all major weather elements such as precipitation movement and intensity, temperature, and wind, all up to 3 hours which is formally called nowcasting. Current focus is on predicting precipitation movement and intensity with more weather elements coming after. Unlike classical weather prediction systems which need 5 hours to compute the forecast, our method can do this in a few seconds, with equal or better accuracy.

The NVIDIA Inception Program will help Velebit AI with acquiring needed hardware resources for model training and deployment. Furthermore, the program’s marketing support will enable Velebit AI to participate at exclusive NVIDIA events where we hope to demonstrate our product and share experience with the community.

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