Matterport is a platform for capturing, storing, sharing, and viewing 3D images and models. Users can use a Matterport Camera to capture 3D models (called Matterport Space) and store them in Matterport Cloud.

A digital twin is a virtual model that represents an actual physical object. Digital twins are used to run simulations, inspect spaces and keep track of changes in an object. They can also be dynamic and interact with each other.

In architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate, digital twins are comprehensive replicas of built assets and their supporting systems (buildings, infrastructure elements, parks, and cities). They can be used to track changes during the construction of assets or later, to enable easier maintenance, or even to predict maintenance schedules. They are a great addition to construction or maintenance documentation.

Matterport is focused on indoor spaces, which makes it interesting for real estate, indoor construction operations, and maintenance. Matterport Spaces are often used to depict the whole experience of a house, apartment, or even a yacht. One can take a walk through a virtual space and get an excellent feeling of how that place looks and feels.

We created an AI-based object detection technology displayed in this tech demo. Our technology can recognize objects and their positions in a 3D digital model of the space. In the tech demo, we've chosen several object classes like chairs, wall sockets, fire extinguishers, and computer screens.

Locations and object counts can be used for many purposes, like generating reports and keeping historical inventory records. If you, under your management, have dozens or hundreds of spaces, having this information will enable you to monitor, evaluate and plan much more efficiently.

Use Cases

Construction Restoration

Imagine that you are a restoration company in charge of restoring many houses destroyed in the hurricane, working for an insurer. A digital twin with a historical record of an object and a list of all essential interior elements, including furniture, can help you give repair estimates faster and more accurately.

It also allows you to save time and costs on sending teams on the site, and once you have an estimate, you can use digital twins and a list of assets to prepare your team visit before they go on the site. On the other hand, making a digital twin of a space with a list of all interior objects and their exact locations once you start the work and after you've finished makes perfect documentation and eliminates potential disputes.

Property Management

Or imagine you are a property manager in charge of several hundred branded shops. One day you are getting a task to re-brand them, including furniture change. For making a precise cost estimate, you have only one week.

At that moment, knowing how many chairs or tables of a particular type, where they are located and are they really the same or slightly different is worth a lot to you. Our AI can, based on your specific needs, “walk around” all your virtual stores instead of you and locate and list them all items needed in a second.

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