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We see AI enhancing and becoming a vital part of almost every trade and profession. We see ourselves in the core of that revolution building AI of today and tomorrow. If it inevitably ends the human race, so be it. At least it will have our signature.

Velebit AI is a company that seeks to connect businesses and users with Artificial Intelligence technologies. With Velebit AI, clients get to experience the benefits of AI throughout use cases such as Object Detection, Image Search and Classification, Natural Language Processing, and many more. Our team consists of experienced and motivated data scientists, researchers, and developers coming from physics, mathematics, and computer science backgrounds. We have worked together on many successful Data Science projects during the last five years, with several of them being image and textual searches for online marketplaces and retailers. The joint experience has formed an environment based on efficient processes, making the product development much faster and more robust.

We are ideal projects partners for you if you have strong domain knowledge and vast amounts of data. We have Machine Learning expertise, experience in bringing AI based ideas to the services in production on a large scale and successful track record in project funding schemes (EU funding and other). Our experienced team has already supported businesses across the world in various industries from e-commerce to manufacturing, agriculture, weather forecasting, and augmented reality.


The best solution for your needs

We’ll consult you in finding the best AI solution out there, and if there isn’t one, we’ll tailor make one for you. We’ll help you discover areas where the implementation of AI will have a significant business impact and is achievable with reasonable resources.

Data gathering matters. To have a sustainable AI solution integrated into your business, you need to establish a permanent cycle that starts with acquiring data which is followed by model (re)training and continues with deploying models in production only to start again. This cycle has to be automated as it will become a part of your daily business and at the same time, has to take care of your users’ data privacy.

Training neural networks is not a hard task. Training it to achieve the best results with the highest performance is. We have done this a thousand times, and we bring this experience to produce results for your business needs fast and efficient.

Whatever is your current IT ecosystems we’ll find a way to deploy our AI models and integrate with minimal efforts but having easy monitoring of the permanent AI cycle.

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Our Services

We provide consulting services for fast and efficient development and integration of Machine Learning based solutions.

Computer Vision

Extract valuable information from photos and videos

Natural Language Processing

Text analysis, classification, tagging, understanding

Recommender Systems

Increase user engagement with relevant suggestions

Business Process Analysis

Analyze and predict sales trends, improve planning efficiency

We build AI for your needs.

Meet our highly experienced team who just loves to build AI and design its surrounding to incorporate it in your business. Find out for your self how much you can benefit from our fair and open approach.

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