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Our story, core values, and dedicated team

The story of Velebit AI

Velebit AI was founded by Davor, Mladen, Ivan, and Tomislav in 2019. Although each of them came from a different background (Marketing & Sales, Physics, Math, and Computer Science), all of them noticed the trend of the growing ML field back in the day when Alex Krizhevsky started publishing groundbreaking deep learning papers.

They first met at the end of 2015 when they started working together for the data science department of a media publishing company. In the following years, they gathered valuable experience by working on many ML-related projects, both in-house and for external clients. Through this experience, they realized there is a need for an AI-focused agency. Their strong entrepreneurial side fueled their desire to have their own company, so they co-founded Velebit AI.

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Our core values

Sustainable growth

It is easy to grow fast. Maintaining the level of quality is the hard part. Quality over quantity, always. At the moment, the Velebit AI team is 9 people strong and we also have a few experienced external collaborators who work with us on specific projects.

Challenging projects

As an Artificial Intelligence-focused agency, in order to maintain our level of expertise, it is crucial that we focus on challenging projects from various domains and specific niches. We like to keep it interesting.

Internal products

Cross-domain experience allows us to get familiar with niche problems, find solutions, and offer them as products. On the other hand, building and selling our products gives us a better understanding when working with clients and helping them build their own products.

Meet the Team

We are a dynamic team of talented individuals who thrive on
collaboration, continuous learning and innovative thinking.

Team Member Davor Aničić

Davor Aničić


Team Member Mladen Fernežir

Mladen Fernežir

Data Scientist

Team Member Ivan Borko

Ivan Borko

Machine Learning Engineer

Team Member Tomislav Levanić

Tomislav Levanić

Machine Learning Engineer

Team Member Elio Bartoš

Elio Bartoš

Data Scientist

Team Member Mihaela Krznar

Mihaela Krznar

Marketing & Sales Specialist

Team Member Matej Škrabić

Matej Škrabić

Data Scientist

Team Member Janko Vidaković

Janko Vidaković

Machine Learning Engineer

Team Member Šimun Šopar

Šimun Šopar

Data Scientist

We build AI for your needs

Meet our highly experienced team, who loves to build AI and design its surroundings to incorporate it in your business. Find out how much you can benefit from our fair and open approach.

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