Our first application Babbly goes into private beta

Our first application Babbly goes into private beta

We are proud to announce that our first application Babbly has entered private beta testing today. Babbly is a mobile application that teaches users a new language in a completely different way - using only your camera. We could describe in detail how the app works, but it is best if you watch the video demonstrating the app in action:

Babbly can currently translate over 400 objects in 9 different languages, including Croatian. While most apps use on-device AI models, we have taken a different approach. The Babbly AI model is run completely in the cloud on GPU instances with model results exposed through the API. The app uses the API to send and fetch bounding box locations, object names and their translations. Cloud-based models enable seamless model upgrades and the use of more complex and thus more accurate models due to the high performance of GPU hardware. Furthermore, on-device models have a strong drawback in the form of heavy battery consumption and this is also solved by using the cloud models.

We have put a lot of effort into making the app return results in real-time. Camera frames sent over the network are resized to a very small size and additionally compressed so the total upload network traffic is minimized to around 80kB/s.

If you want to partake in the beta testing, please leave your email here. We’re also open to feedback which you can send us using our contact page.

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